Daily necessities manufacturers introduce several different materials of dish cloth for everyone

Update:06 Aug
Dish cloth is a very commonly used tool in our daily life. In some homes, ordinary dish cloths may be used to wash dishes, but now more young people choose dish cloths to wash dishes. Dish cloths of different materials have better effects for meals of different materials. In addition to the disposable dish cloth, there are many different kinds of dish cloth. Today, I will give you a brief introduction! Convenient for everyone to choose to buy.
Emery dish cloth
Gold steel grit fiber can effectively remove grease, but the material is hard and rough, suitable for stoves that are not afraid of scratching tempered glass. When purchasing, you can touch the surface of the dish cloth. The harder and thicker the cloth, the higher the emery content and the stronger the scraping effect. However, for kitchen utensils that are afraid of scratching, such as cups, dishes, or non-stick pans, be sure to choose a dish cloth that does not contain emery to avoid scratches.
General sponge dish cloth
The most common dish cloth is a double-layer combination of yellow and green parts. Yellow is a soft sponge with soft texture, strong water absorption, and easy to foam. It is suitable for cleaning cups and dishes that are not resistant to scratches, but the yellow soft sponge has weak cleaning power, so it is combined with the green part of emery with cleaning power for removal dirt.
Wood pulp dish cloth
Sponge made of wood pulp is a more environmentally friendly material. It has the best water absorption performance of all sponges. It is more suitable for cleaning items that do not contain heavy oil; because it is softer to the touch, it can be used to clean brittle ceramics and porcelain Cup and plate. Because of its strong water absorption capacity, it must be washed and dried in the shade after use to prevent mold growth; it is recommended not to dry it to avoid deformation of the wood pulp sponge.
Diamond crystal sand dish cloth
The upper part is made of hard diamond grit, which is more resistant to scrubbing and not easy to deform. It has a strong cleaning effect and can be used to clean heavy oil dirt, coke dirt, aged stains, etc. It is suitable for stainless steel or tempered glass stoves and pots that are not afraid of scratches and are wear-resistant.
Mesh sponge dish cloth
The yellow part at the bottom is a mesh sponge (also called a blasting sponge), because it has poor water absorption and will not breed bacteria; it must be combined with a water-absorbent material to form a double-layer dish cloth to effectively retain detergent and improve the cleaning effect.
The above are a few kinds of dish cloths of different materials, everyone must be clearly distinguished when buying! If you want to learn more about dishcloths, towels, bathing suits, etc., you can pay more attention to our website! If you need to buy daily necessities, you can contact us directly!