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Hangzhou Linan Kakama Technology Co., Ltd. China Household All Purpose Cleaning Wipes Manufacturers and OEM Household All Purpose Cleaning Wipes factory. we was established in 2017, yet its original factory has nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience in various non-woven and cotton cleaning products. A new intelligent manufacturing center with more advanced equipments and beautiful environment is under construction and will be operational by early 2022. Kakama is headquartered in Hangzhou, the famous historical and tourism city in China known for its West Lake and hosting the G20 Summit in 2016.

After decades of development, Kakama has grown into one of the larger professional manufacturers of non-woven and cotton cleaning products in China. Annual production capacity exceeds 10 billion pcs of non-woven cleaning cloth or cotton pieces. We own several private brands in domestic market, the more successful of which are Kakama and CCM. We provide OEM and ODM services for international clients, and have cooperated with world famous P&G and Auchan for a long time.

Our wholesale Household All Purpose Cleaning cloths are in line with international standards,We are looking forward to growing up together with partners at home and abroad and to creating a glorious future. Sincerely welcome you to join us.



Industry Knowledge

What is Multifunction Cleaning Cloth?

Multifunction Cleaning Cloth is a unique cloth that cleans, polishes and protects any non-porous surface. The multifunction cleaning cloth works on virtually all surfaces, leaving them streak-free and shining brightly in a snap! It easily removes soap scum from bathroom tile, bug splatter from car windshields, dirt and dust from floors, fingerprints from table tops and counter tops. In addition to removing dust, it can also help remove scratches off of glass by buffing with the sparkling side of the cloth.

We supply Multifunction Cleaning Cloths Wholesale, the Multifunction Cleaning Cloth is a convenient and cost-effective solution for cleaning. The towel is made from 100% cotton and is soft to the touch, yet tough enough to withstand machine washing. Its various uses include polishing the surfaces of your car, wiping the corners of your bathroom mirror and spots on clothing, removing makeup and so much more!

This compact cleaning cloth is perfect for all those hard to reach places and hard to clean surfaces. It's great for dusting, polishing and cleaning upholstery in your home or office. The bag clip makes it easy to hang close at hand.

Don't just clean your phone, stop worrying about germs and bacteria leaving your screen dirty. The microfiber cloth will act like a magnet on your screen and naturally attract dust particles. This can be used on all of your devices including iPads, laptops, tablets and digital cameras.Make cleaning your home a breeze with this multifunction cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth can be used to wipe up spills, dust surfaces and even clean mirrors.

Our multifunction cleaning cloths are made with quality microfiber technology and are effective at removing dirt, lint and dust while leaving a streak-free shine. If you love everything about your car except the amount of time it takes to clean, then you're going to want a few of these around all the time.

The Multifunction Cleaning Cloth is a great, environmentally-friendly alternative to using paper towels or sponges that are harmful to our planet. Made of 100% cellulose, the cloth cleans and absorbs spills superbly – you can even use it as an oven mitt without fear of damaging your surfaces! Choose from Green, Orange or Blue. (See description below).

The multifunctional cleaning cloth is made from premium microfiber material that cleans glass and mirrors, leaving them spot free. It also effectively wipes away dust and grime from most surfaces, including: window blinds, flat screen TVs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Clean under your furniture, around the house and more with this versatile cleaning cloth. Made from microfiber, the long strip can be used as a mop to clean hard surfaces such as floors or counter tops. The mid-length section is perfect for wiping face and body parts. The inside of the cloth is wetter than the center so you can use it with water or soap when cleaning.

Multifunction cleaning cloths have several advantages, including:
Versatility: They can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, including wiping down surfaces, removing spills, and cleaning windows.
Reusability: Unlike disposable wipes, multifunction cleaning cloths can be washed and reused, reducing waste and saving money.
Environmentally friendly: Reusable cleaning cloths reduce the amount of waste generated, making them a more environmentally friendly option.
Cost-effective: Over time, using reusable cleaning cloths can save money compared to disposable wipes and other cleaning products.
Durability: Multifunction cleaning cloths are often made of materials like microfiber that are durable and long-lasting, providing a reliable cleaning solution.
Ease of use: They can be easily wrung out and reused, making them a convenient and practical cleaning tool for both personal and industrial use.