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It is more appropriate to change the dish towel once

Update:24 Sep
Dish towel is a kind of kitchen cleaning appliance equipped by households. It can provide a lot of convenience when we clean all kinds of cleaning. Dish towels are put in the environment for a long time, so it is easier to breed various health. Shouldn't the dish towels be replaced once? The following editor will tell you.
Dishwashing cloths are insatiable in families for washing dishes, but many households do not have them. Dish cloths are actually a breeding ground. The health of myself and my family has caused great harm.

20% of dishwashing cloths are hidden. For example, the dishwashing cloths contain bacteria such as face wash, salmonella, etc. The dish cloths that are not cleaned and disinfected will regenerate a large number of bacteria and make teeth contaminate each other during the washing process. Therefore, dishwashing cloths need to be cleaned. Change frequently.
Really, the service life of dish cloths is very short. Experts generally recommend using household dish cloths. If you want to change it again in the future without cleaning it in time, or use it under high temperature conditions such as summer, this time Yes; if you smell a pungent foreign body, it means that the bacteria have been swollen and need to be recovered immediately. Necessary.
The above is the introduction to the relevant content of the dish towel. You must pay more attention to these small details in life in order to have a certain guarantee for your health.