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The correct use of kitchen towels must be seen

Update:12 Nov
Many people don’t pay much attention to the use of kitchen towels. Generally, they just throw them aside after washing the dishes. In fact, this will give birth to a lot of bacteria. After using for a long time, it is also very harmful to our body. So understand the kitchen towels. That is, the correct use of rags is very important, and the specifics can be understood from these aspects.

The correct use of kitchen towels must be seen

Every time after washing the dishes, you can ensure that the dish cloth is also washed clean, wrung out, and aired in a ventilated place. Dry dishcloths are not easy to breed bacteria. You definitely don't want to take out a wet dishcloth once you wash the dishes.

Wash the dish cloth regularly and disinfect regularly. We can soak the dish cloth and heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes, or dilute it with a disinfectant and soak it, or boil it in water for 10 minutes. We all know that high temperature can sterilize and reduce the bacteria in the dishwashing cloth.

If the dish cloth is dirty or not clean, we should replace it with a new one in time. After the dish cloth is used for a long time, it will easily become brittle and hard, and the effect will be greatly reduced.
It is recommended to replace it once a month to better protect the health of the family.

We must use a special cloth for dishwashing cloth. Use the rags for washing dishes, washing pots, wiping the cooker hood, and cleaning the table top separately.

We can use chemical fiber to wash dishes, not to breed bacteria, and the natural loofah has a strong ability to absorb dirt. We can use it to wipe cooker hoods and so on.

Additional maintenance of the dish cloth: The dish cloth is dirty, it should be washed with soapy water immediately. Alkaline bleach or softener should not be used. It will change the color of the cleaning cloth, so we can wash it by hand and open it to dry.