What aspects should be paid attention to when using dish cloth

Update:23 Jul
Washing the dishes is something to do after eating every day, but many families wash dishes more casually, and use a rag to the end. This is actually wrong. It is difficult to restore the original appearance of the dish cloth after it is stained with oil. Even if it is cleaned, it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the dish cloth needs to be changed frequently, and the special cloth is dedicated. So what aspects should be paid attention to in the use of dish cloth? Let's learn together!
The researchers collected several used dishcloths and carried out microbiological analysis on them. They found that there were various bacteria on them, including Acinetobacter johnsonii and Moraxella oslo (which make the dishcloths smell bad). Smell) and so on, these bacteria are very easy to infect the elderly and children with weakened immunity. And whether it is cotton towels, sponge wipes, loofah skins, steel balls, etc., their structure provides a place for bacteria to multiply. In addition, dishwashing utensils are often in a humid state, which provides an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. Even if the dish cloth is washed frequently, the bacteria will be reduced in a short time, but it will grow quickly. The risk can only be maximized if the dish cloth is changed frequently.
Sterilize and sterilize the dishwashing utensils regularly, and achieve "divide, dry, change, and frequent":
"Divided" means that the dish cloth must be dedicated for special purposes. Try to use the cloths for washing dishes, washing pots, wiping stoves and hoods, and cleaning table tops separately to avoid contact between various stains and multiple transfer of stains.
"Dry" means that after each use, it should be wringed out in time and hung in a ventilated place to prevent bacteria from providing a suitable living environment;
"Replacement" means that it should be replaced once a month. After the odor is difficult to remove, it should be replaced even if it is less than a month. This means that a new dish towel needs to be replaced;
"Qin" means that the dishes should be cleaned in time and disinfected regularly after washing. The method is to soak it in diluted disinfectant for 5 minutes or boil it in boiling water for 10 minutes to prevent bacterial residues as much as possible;
The above are the aspects that need to be paid attention to when using the dish cloth. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you want to learn more about dishcloths, towels, bathing suits, etc., you can pay more attention to our website! If you need to buy daily necessities, you can contact us directly!