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What to do if the dishcloth is not clean after being washed with oil for a long time

Update:08 Oct
Dish cloth is a necessary daily necessities in the kitchen. A dish cloth can save a lot of time when washing dishes and other tableware. But many people will encounter such a problem, that is, the dish cloth is used for a while. After time, the surface becomes very greasy, and it can't be cleaned with detergent, but in fact, it is very simple to solve this problem. The following editor will introduce two methods for you.
1.Lemon + boiled
If you have a pot that you don't use at home, you can put the rag in the pot to cook (the commonly used pot, I still don't recommend to cook the rag), if you don't have a pot, you can also pour boiling water in the pot, the effect is similar. In this case, the greasy on the rag will be softened, and it will be easier to clean in the later stage, and the original comfort can be restored well. Before cooking, add two slices of lemon to the water for better results.
2. Egg shell cleaning cloth
I usually scramble an egg occasionally, right? Don't throw away the egg shell after the egg is beaten. Egg shell, plus appropriate amount of detergent, the cleaning effect is better. Wash out the rags for nothing.
The above are the tips for cleaning the dish cloth, I hope it will be of some help to everyone. If you want to learn more about dish cloths, dish towels, kitchen towels, you can continue to pay attention to our company's official website.