KAKAMA is shortlisted for the world's top packaging design award Pentawar 2021

Update:01 Sep
Congratulations, Pentawards, the world's top packaging design award, today announced the shortlist for the 2021 competition!

Pentawards is the world's and only competition focusing on various packaging designs, and is known as the Oscar in the packaging design industry. Since its inception in 2007, the Pentawards competition has hired 12 well-known designers around the world and packaging design directors from well-known companies to form a professional review team to evaluate packaging design works from all over the world. The jury will select the winners based on the creative quality and market relevance of the work, and award Pentawards bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamonds and the 2018 NXT-GEN award specially set for students.

Adam Ryan, Head of Pentawards, commented: "After such a difficult and challenging year, we have seen strong creativity and innovation from designers, institutions and brands all over the world, which really inspired us this year. The shortlisted list represents better international packaging design talents at present, and proves that the creativity, design and packaging industry can achieve incredible achievements in difficult times. Congratulations to all the shortlisted works.
C.06 Skin care

Project background introduction

Description of the work:

The core visual elements are inspired by the 3 unique A of the "KAKAMA" brand,
The ingenious combination of this piece of D special cloth and 3 A's has become an imaginative lake reflection.
Let it form a super IP, the face towel has a clear connection with water,
You can think of it as unique as the Three Pools Reflecting in the Moon at West Lake in Hangzhou.
We have also extended the core slogan of its brand from the vision of 3A reflection
Ingenuity 6A, healthy and clothed.
This is a brand image full of brilliant colors,
Bring customers endless imagination and yearning for a better life.

D special design concept:

Re-examine the design style of the daily necessities face towel industry,
That is, the regular use of component color packaging injects new vitality into the daily necessities facial towel industry.
The packaging captures the habits of daily necessities and facial towel users, and highlights the composition of color elements.
And through the reorganization of information levels and warm colors, a new generation of daily necessities facial towel brand has been shaped.
On the other hand, the energy generated by makeup is brought into the daily necessities and facial towels.