What is the difference between a disposable face towel and a compressed towel that you usually use?

Update:17 Mar
I believe that many female friends will use disposable face towels and compressed towels, and for those who use them for the time, it is difficult to distinguish the two, especially compressed towels, which are less common in daily life, so they understand better less.

So in the usual process of washing your face, besides using traditional towels, is the disposable face towel the better choice? Compared with compressed towels, which one is more acceptable to the public.

The difference between disposable face towels and compressed towels is mainly in terms of usage and texture. Disposable face towels are disposable items. Compressed towels compress ordinary towels and can be reused after decompression.

Disposable face towel
Compressed towels are also called miniature towels, which reduce the volume of towels by at least eighty to ninety percent. They swell in water and remain intact when used. They are more convenient to transport, carry and store. They are also disinfected during production, making them safer and more reliable.

Compressed towels are mainly non-woven fabrics, low in price and small in size, but they feel bad due to compression and are not as comfortable as normal towels or disposable face towels when used. There are also common towels on the market for compression and secondary processing, but the price is more expensive, the volume is slightly larger, and the only advantage is that it feels good.

Compressed towel
Disposable face towels are daily necessities. They are used for facial cleansing like compressed towels. Compressed towels can also wipe other things. However, disposable face towels are lighter and thinner. They are mainly used for wiping the face. Use one at a time and throw away after use. 
Disposable face towels are suitable for use at home. They are not as convenient to carry as compressed towels when going out. However, disposable face towels are relatively more comfortable and cost-effective. You can choose according to your actual situation.