Tips for washing your face with disposable face towels

Update:17 Mar
"Face washing" is something that everyone will do in daily life. Washing the face in the morning can make people wake up, and washing the face at night can wash the dust that remains on the face during the day.
Washing your face is also the simpler and more important skin care step in everyone's daily life. With the development of the times, many disposable face towels have appeared on the market, and this product is also loved by many people. So, how to use disposable face towels? What are the steps to use disposable face towels? Let's take a look together below.

How to use disposable face towels
Method 1: Wash your face instead of a towel
After using the facial cleanser on the face, take a facial cleanser to wet it, then gently make a circular motion on the face to clean the foam of the facial cleanser on the face, and then remove the moisture of the disposable facial cleanser Squeeze it dry, and then press the remaining moisture on the face.
Method 2: Girls use to remove makeup
The quality of the face wash towel is more tenacious than the cotton pad, so it can easily take away the makeup on the face without deformation, so it can be wiped repeatedly when using it until the makeup is completely removed.
Method three: apply face
Disposable facial towels have a very good water absorption effect. One facial towel can cover the entire face, so it is also a good choice to use it as a wet compress.Disposable face towel to wash your face
Method 3: Remove skin corners
For sensitive skin, it is more common to wipe the face with a cleansing towel moistened with a refreshing lotion, because it will not pull the skin easily.

Method 4: Wipe the disposable mask
For girls, if you use a disposable mask, it is easy to pull on the skin if you wash it directly by hand, and it will take a little time, but using a disposable facial towel can quickly clean the mask on the face.
Method 5: Apply lotion
After using the lotion on the face, if you use a disposable washcloth to pat your face, this will allow the skin to quickly absorb the lotion, and the skin after this operation will be more shiny.
Disposable face towel soft towel roll

How to use disposable face towels
To put it simply, the steps of using disposable face towels are the same as the usual steps for washing your face. After using the facial cleanser, you can take a face towel to moisten it, and then wipe and clean your face; of course, if Some netizens can wipe their face directly with a facial cleanser if they feel that it is troublesome to get wet.