Multifunctional scouring pad

Multifunctional scouring pad

  • Brand CCM
    Product Name Multifunctional scouring pad
    Size 42cmx30cmx30 pieces
    Weight 50g/㎡
    Color Grid pattern
    Super large size, use it as you like
    The super large size can be cut arbitrarily, which is convenient for users to wash dishes, clean windows, etc., and can also be used as a fruit shell storage cloth.

    Multifunctional can be used as a table mat
    Fiber and polyester material, anti-wrinkle and anti-durability, easy to use, more fashionable and beautiful when used as a table mat.

    Thickened material
    This dust-removing cloth is made of selected materials, which is thicker, has strong deep cleaning toughness, is not easy to fall off, and effectively cleans hair dust.

    Large size, suitable for general-purpose clip mops, with a larger adsorption surface, which can mop pet hair and dust away.

    3D design
    3D three-dimensional design, effectively remove hair, zero noise, and more economical.

    Customized Details

    Non-woven material Natural cotton, American cotton, viscose, polyester, wood pulp composite cloth, etc
    Non-woven pattern Printing, plain, net, grid pattern, pearl, EF, etc. can be customized
    Non-woven fabric weight 20-150g
    Non-woven fabric specifications 10x20cm、16x20cm、18x20cm、20x20cm 、22x20cm、24x30cm、25x20cm、25x25cm etc. can be customized.
    Non-woven folding type 1 /4 fold, point break, hand in hand, slice, etc. can be customized.
    Type of packaging PE, coated paper, shrink film, roll film, prefabricated bags, etc. can be customized.
    Packing 1- 120 tablets/bag/box (with/without cover)
    Packing material Handmade bags, automatic bags, zipper bags, boxes, etc. can be customized.
    Related certifications COTTONUSA, CE, CMA, SGS, CNAS, FDA, etc.
    Minimum order quantity
    Boxed minimum order 10000 boxes
    Bagged Minimum order of 30,000 bags
    Rolled Minimum order of 10,000 rolls
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