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Here is an introduction to the pros and cons of various dishcloths

Update:13 Oct
Maybe many people don’t understand the pros and cons of dishwashing cloths. Everyone always thinks that we only need to use this type of product to wash dishes. In fact, the products we use are different, and the pros and cons will have a certain impact. Let me give you a brief introduction. If you are interested, you can take a look.
Loofah: Loofah has good toughness and strong ability to absorb dirt. The plant fiber of the loofah is in a net shape, which can easily remove the oil, but it takes more effort to clean the loofah.
Fibers: The hydrophilicity, oil drainage, and water permeability of plant fibers are weaker than wood fiber dishwashing cloths, but the price of wood fiber will be higher.
Chemical fiber type: Although chemical fiber type dishwashing cloth is difficult to wash, it has high stability and is not easy to breed bacteria. Nowadays, many car washing shops also use this type of chemical fiber type dishwashing cloth, and the effect is good.
Pure cotton: Health and anti-epidemic experts said that pure cotton feels good, but it is easy to swell after absorbing water. If it is not wringed out in time after washing, the cotton dish cloth will easily breed bacteria and become sticky. In addition, the cotton dish cloth will become brittle and hard after being used for a long time, and the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced.
Steel ball: from the "gastrointestinal killer" in the kitchen. Be cautious and careful when cleaning with steel wool in the kitchen. Because the steel wire is easy to fall off, it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding after accidental ingestion, especially in children. Adults or eating steel wire will not have much reaction, but children’s stomach and intestines are delicate and easy to be scratched, so be careful when using steel wire balls.
After I gave you an introduction, do you understand it better? If you still don’t know it well, you can take a look at the products here. If you need to buy it, you can also contact us directly!