How to clean kitchen grease

Update:19 Aug
Kitchen towel wholesalers will introduce you to several kitchen cleaning methods. Kitchens are often exposed to all kinds of greasy dirt, especially in the kitchen every day. Then the oil stains inside are difficult to clean. In fact, as long as we master a good method, it will be very convenient to clean. The specifics are also introduced below, and those who are interested can take a look.
1. Use alcohol to remove oil stains on the kitchen floor and walls
The kitchen not only reflects the taste of a housewife or even a family member, but is also closely related to everyone's health. To keep the kitchen clean, high-power range hoods and smoke exhaust systems are very important. Too much oily fumes that cannot be discharged will not only accumulate in the kitchen, but will also be inhaled in the body and affect health. In addition, frequent wiping of walls and floors is the only way to keep clean. Alcohol has the property of dissolving grease. Dilute the alcohol to a concentration of 75%. Not only can it be used to wipe oil stains, it also has unexpected bacterial effects.
2. How to easily remove the aged heavy dirt on the stove top in the kitchen
Remove the furnace head and the furnace frame that need to be cleaned and place them in the sink. Use a metal brush to brush off the heavy dirt on the stove, pour 40~50℃ hot water into the sink, and then add 120g of kitchen oxygen-containing bleach and 2 tsp of kitchen oil cleaner (this will produce There are a lot of bubbles and gases, so you need to keep the air circulating when cleaning, and then put the stove into the soak for 15-20 minutes, the old heavy dirt can be easily cleaned with vegetable cloth.