Are you using the right cleanser

Update:04 Mar
What do you guys wash your face with? Towel or cleanser? Washing your face, although it is a simple thing, accounts for seven points of importance in skin care.

First, why should you wash your face first?

The metabolism of the skin is constantly going on every day. During this process, sweat and sebum will be secreted, and then mixed with the dust in the air to form dirt. Especially in recent years, the air pollution has been serious, and there are not only dust but also cars in the city. Exhaust gas and various dust particles, which also include some heavy metal elements, such as lead, can cause damage to the skin.

The purpose of our cleaning is to wash off these dirt and the products of skin metabolism, such as old dead skin cells attached to the skin surface, oxidative decomposition products of sebum and sweat residues, and of course the cosmetics we have used.

Second, the daily use of towels, in the end clean?

There are human dander and oil on the towel, and it is relatively humid, which is easy to produce bacteria, and it will increase with the use of time, which is easy to cause secondary damage to the facial skin.

This is because there are gaps between the fibers of the towel. Some bacteria, fungi, mites, old waste keratin, etc., are easy to remain in the gaps of the towel fiber hair, and the fiber hair of the towel is relatively long and has many gaps. It is easy to clean. When the chemical preparations in the facial cleanser and cosmetics remain in the towel, it is easy to cause re-injury to the face.

3. Are face towels really easy to use?

Easy to use, easy to use, easy to use! The important thing is said three times, not the IQ tax!

1. The face towel is a one-time product, so there is no need to worry about the problem of bacterial reproduction after a long time, and the safety is guaranteed;

2. The material is soft and skin-friendly, not easy to damage the skin;

3. No need to wring out or wash after use, the lazy face wash artifact;

4. If you are on a business trip, don't worry about the hotel's towel, it is convenient and hygienic to bring a face towel.

4. Other uses of face towel:

1. Makeup removal: The face towel has good toughness and is not easy to deform. It can be wiped repeatedly until the makeup is removed.

2. Exfoliation: Use a face towel dipped in lotion and gently wipe the entire face for secondary cleansing of the skin.

3. Wipe the disposable mask: If the mask is washed directly by hand, it is time-consuming and easy to strain the skin. Use a face towel to quickly clean it.

4. Baby cleansing: soft and comfortable face towel, softer after wet water, will not cause damage to the baby's skin.

5. Make the best use of it: after wiping your face with the face towel, don't throw it away directly, you can also use it to wipe the table, countertop, shoes, etc.

Remind everyone:

Details are necessary to determine whether we can be exquisite girls. Therefore, you must pay attention to the hygiene of facial cleaning and choose a good face towel to wipe your face.

In recent years, people's disposable income and purchasing power have risen steadily. In the context of consumption upgrades and supply-side reforms, more and more consumers have higher and higher requirements for products. In the past, it was usable to meet basic needs; now it is easy to use, people-centered, and products serve people. The same is true for household cleaning and personal cleaning products.