What are the uses of disposable cleansing wipes

Update:09 Mar
In fact, in our ordinary life, the use of cleansing towels is very frequent. The next thing I will introduce to you is - what are the uses of disposable facial cleansers?

1. Wash your face instead of a towel

We apply the cleanser on the entire face, moisten it well and soak it, then take a face towel and gently tap and scrub on the face until the foam on the face is washed off, and then leave the rest of the face on the face. The water can be wiped clean.

2. to remove makeup

Due to the good ductility of the cleansing towel, for most skin care products, the cleansing towel can be completely wiped off, and it is not easy to be deformed.

3. Apply face

Because the ductility of the cleansing towel is better, it is not easy to be deformed, and the water absorption capacity is better, and only one sheet can be applied to the whole face.

4. Facial exfoliation

For girls with dry skin, we can use less fresh toner to scrub or cleanse the face twice to remove the stratum corneum and cutin of the face, and the posture should be lighter.

5. Remove nail polish

Since the cleansing towel is not easy to deform and is not easy to draw metal, it is also a very good choice for removing nail polish.

6. Scrub and leave-in mask

If you use the arm to clean up the disposable mask immediately before, it is a waste of time and a good opportunity. And it is easy to cause damage to the skin. Nowadays, the moisturizing mask on the face can be quickly cleaned by applying a cleansing towel, and it is not easy to cause damage to the skin.

7. Apply moisturizing lotion

When wiping the moisturizing lotion, you can use a cleansing towel to tap the skin, so that the skin can accelerate the digestion and absorption, and the skin that has been played will look very textured.

8. Clean up residue stains

The cleansing towel after application can also be used to wipe everyone's washbasin or dresser, and the cleaning level is particularly good.