Floor cloth refills eletrostatic cloths

Floor cloth refills eletrostatic cloths

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    Floor dust cloth



    Item Number





    22cmx38cmx32 pieces






    Floor/tile/wall/ceiling/living room/doors and windows

    Product Features
    1. Large louver design, friction generates static electricity, strong adsorption of dust and hair;
    2. Plant raw materials, soft and comfortable, do not damage furniture and floors;
    3. Both front and back can be used, economical.

    Customized Details

    Non-woven material Natural cotton, American cotton, viscose, polyester, wood pulp composite cloth, etc
    Non-woven pattern Printing, plain, net, grid pattern, pearl, EF, etc. can be customized
    Non-woven fabric weight 20-150g
    Non-woven fabric specifications 10x20cm、16x20cm、18x20cm、20x20cm 、22x20cm、24x30cm、25x20cm、25x25cm etc. can be customized.
    Non-woven folding type 1 /4 fold, point break, hand in hand, slice, etc. can be customized.
    Type of packaging PE, coated paper, shrink film, roll film, prefabricated bags, etc. can be customized.
    Packing 1- 120 tablets/bag/box (with/without cover)
    Packing material Handmade bags, automatic bags, zipper bags, boxes, etc. can be customized.
    Related certifications COTTONUSA, CE, CMA, SGS, CNAS, FDA, etc.
    Minimum order quantity
    Boxed minimum order 10000 boxes
    Bagged Minimum order of 30,000 bags
    Rolled Minimum order of 10,000 rolls
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    Floor cloth refills or electrostatic cloths are a type of cleaning cloth that is designed to be used with electrostatic mops or dusters. These cloths are made of a special material that is charged with an electrostatic charge, which allows them to attract and hold dust, dirt, and other small particles, making them highly effective for cleaning hard floors, such as tile, wood, and laminate.

    These refills are typically designed to be used with a specific brand of electrostatic mop or duster, and they come in various sizes and shapes to fit the specific mop or duster. They are easy to install and can be quickly and easily replaced when they become dirty.

    They are typically reusable and can be washed in a washing machine, but it's recommended to check the product's label or instructions before use, to ensure that they are safe for the specific surface you are cleaning, as well as for machine wash. They are known for their ability to pick up dust and debris effectively, and they are a great alternative to traditional cleaning methods, such as sweeping or damp mopping.

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  • Floor cloth refills eletrostatic cloths

    Floor cloth refills eletrostatic cloths

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