What are the uses of face towel

Update:16 Mar
In the current society, most people say that using a towel to wash your face is not very clean, so there are various brands of disposable face washcloths on the market. However, many people are not very clear about the use of face towels, let's take a look.

In fact, the face towel can not only be used to wash the face, it can be used in a variety of ways, as follows:

1. Instead of a towel, use it as a face wash.

The specific method is as follows: After the entire face is fully washed with the rich foam facial cleanser, take a face towel to wet it, and gently circle the face until the foam on the face is washed away. Then squeeze the moisture out of the face towel and press the remaining moisture on the face.

2. Makeup remover

This is easy to understand, because the face towel has better toughness, so compared to cotton pads, it can easily take away the makeup on the face, and it is not easy to deform, and it can be wiped repeatedly until the makeup is removed.

What are the uses of face towel?

3. Exfoliate

For sensitive skin, use a face towel dampened with a refreshing lotion to wipe the entire face for secondary cleansing or exfoliation of the skin. Move gently so that you don't tug on your skin.

4. Wipe off the mask

If the disposable mask is washed directly by hand, it is time-consuming and easy to pull the skin. Using a face towel can quickly clean the mask on the face.

The correct use of face towel:

1. Squeeze the facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, wet your hands, and rub out the bubbles.

2. Directly hit the bubbles on the face, paying special attention to the nose, bottom of the nose, and chin.

3. Use both hands to catch the water, wash off the bubbles, then wet the face towel and wipe off the bubbles.

4. Use a clean face towel to wipe off the water droplets on your face.