How to choose a cleanser

Update:25 Mar
In the current social life, most people are used to wiping with a paper towel after washing their faces. In fact, this is not right. After washing their faces, they must wipe their faces with a facial towel, because this will not take away the skin. Surface moisture keeps skin moisturised. Do you know how to choose a cleanser?

1. Material selection

When choosing a face towel, you should choose a better quality. If the material is too poor, it contains too much powder, which will also cause damage to our skin. The non-woven fabric of pure cotton fiber is actually widely used in cotton soft towels. It uses pure natural cotton as raw material, and pure cotton fiber is spunlaced into a thin layer of fiber sheets with the same direction, and then pressed into a thin layer. Non-woven. Using pure cotton as raw material will not irritate our skin, and the processed face towel is very absorbent and breathable. Compared with the cotton material, the toughness of non-woven fabrics is stronger.

How to choose a cleanser?

2. Selection of textures

At present, face towels on the market are basically divided into three forms: plain, reticulated, and pearl. Don't look at the face towel, just a piece of paper, but not all are suitable for you. The plain weave is softer and more suitable for sensitive skin, the reticulated pattern is good for removing makeup, and the pearl pattern is thicker and more absorbent.

3, the choice of size

The size of the face towel directly determines its practicability, because the face towel is a disposable product, and the size of the face towel will inevitably cause waste, and if it is too small, it will easily slip off when cleaning the face, affecting the experience. Generally speaking, the normal size of the face towel should be around 20*20cm. This size is just right in the hand. Whether it is used flat or folded, it is very easy to use, and it can also be used as a rag after use.