Baby wipes are specially used for babies

Update:06 Mar
Baby wipes are specially used for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have higher requirements, because baby's skin is very delicate and easily allergic. Baby wipes are divided into ordinary wipes and special wipes for hands and mouth. Ordinary baby wipes are usually used to wipe baby's small farts, and hand wipes are used to wipe baby's mouth and hands.
Hand and mouth wipes
Designed for baby's hands and mouth, it is suitable for daily cleaning of baby's hands, mouth and other skin, as well as cleaning baby's tableware, toys, bottles, pacifiers, etc.
Skin cleaning wipes
Before babies learn to urinate independently, they need to change their diapers frequently, rub for a long time and soak their urine. The requirements for wet paper towels are not only clean, but also more moist.
Now there are many wet wipes that can be mixed with PP, but not always.
1. There are many small holes in the wet wipes on the mesh surface, which will cause the wet wipes to be too thin. When wiping the baby's stool, the stool will leak out of the holes and get on the hands, which is very difficult to use.
2. Many baby mothers will think that even drawing paper towels will cause waste, but when babies defecate, especially newborns, the defecation is relatively sparse and frequent. If it is a hand wet towel that does not draw continuously, each one is folded when it is pulled out alone, it needs two hands to unfold the wet towel, which is very inconvenient to use.
3. The demand for wet wipes is also changing at different ages. For example, during the newborn period, most wet wipes are used to wipe PP for babies. At this time, it is recommended to cover 80 pieces of COIDO skin cleaning soft wipes, which are large and thick in size. The natural ingredients do not need to worry about red PP, which is economical.
With the growth of the baby and the formation of the stool, the demand for PP wipes is relatively reduced, especially after the addition of supplementary food, the amount of hand wipes increases. It is recommended to use the loveable multi-purpose hand wipes with 80 draw caps, which are large and naturally without additives, so the baby can use them safely.
If your baby is allergic, it is recommended to use this adorable hand and mouth wet towel with grain essence, which has a good anti allergy effect.
When the baby goes to kindergarten, it is recommended to buy a 10-pack of hand wipes, which is convenient to carry and clean the baby's hands at any time.