What are the commonly used sofa fabrics

Update:17 Mar
There are many fabrics that can be used to produce sofas. The most familiar ones are cotton and linen, chemical fibers, and flannelette fabrics. Of course, there are also expensive leather sofas. The quality of sofas made of different fabrics varies greatly, and the corresponding prices vary greatly. For example, the prices of leather sofas and chemical fiber sofas are virtually the same, Today, I will introduce several common sofa fabrics on the market and their respective characteristics.

Pure cotton sofa: Pure cotton is a kind of plant fiber that has a good affinity with the skin. The fabric sofa made of pure cotton has very good breathability and softness, and sitting on it will have an excellent sense of comfort. Currently, pure cotton sofa also has a high market share. Moreover, the overall price of the sofa is relatively affordable, but there are still some defects, such as its poor elasticity and resistance to wear. In places with high humidity such as the South, pure cotton sofas can also face situations such as mold and worms in the fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the daily care and maintenance of this sofa.

Suede sofa: Suede sofa mainly includes corduroy and suede. Because the price of Suede is higher than pure cotton and chemical fiber fabrics, the price of Suede sofa is also rising. The sofa is very comfortable whether sitting or lying down, and its thermal insulation effect is much better than cotton and linen, and it has the effect of dust prevention and pollution prevention. However, Suede has a major defect that is easy to generate static electricity, Human hair or animal hair can easily stick to the cloth surface and is difficult to clean. Moreover, long-term exposure to static electricity may have a certain impact on human health.

Hemp sofa: The main characteristic of hemp fiber is its excellent breathability and electrical conductivity. Hemp sofa will not have a stuffy feeling when used in summer. Although it may be much harder to sit down and go than a flannelette sofa, the color fixation of hemp cloth is very good, generally it does not fade or pilling, and it is not easy to generate static electricity like flannelette. Good antibacterial properties make the sofa not easy to mildew even in a humid environment, This can well compensate for the defects of cotton cloth. Of course, linen cloth also has a major defect that is its poor elasticity, so the resilience of the sofa after deformation is very limited. The price is also much cheaper than a flannelette sofa.

Blended sofa: As the name suggests, it refers to a fabric made of a variety of fibers. Commonly used fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and other chemical fiber materials are blended. The quality of the blended fabric may not be as good as the fabric before the blending, both in terms of function and appearance, but the price will be much cheaper. With the improvement of blending technology and transformation process, the quality of the blended sofa becomes better and better, with elasticity and durability. In fact, a large proportion of sofas on the current market are blended. If you have a limited budget and want to have a higher cost performance ratio, blended sofas are also a good choice.

Genuine leather sofa: It refers to a sofa made of animal fur (which can be used by cattle, pigs, horses, and other skins). No matter what kind of leather it is, the price will be relatively high, because the cost of extracting and processing the leather is not low. This type of sofa has an excellent appearance, because it is also very popular with local tyrant friends.