Do you understand the use of the eight flexible face towels

Update:16 Nov
Therefore, the use of washcloth is to wash face instead of towel.
The specific method is: after fully cleaning the whole face with rich foam cleanser, take a face towel and wet it, gently circle the face until the face is clean with foam. Then squeeze the water out of the towel and put the rest of the water on your face.
Usage 2: Makeup removal is easy to understand. Because the face towel has better toughness, it is easier to take away the makeup on the face than the cotton pad, and it is also not easy to deform. You can repeatedly wipe until the makeup is removed.
Usage 3: Wet compress is also due to its good toughness and not easy to deform. It has a good water absorption effect and can be fully applied with only one piece.
Usage 4: I often use exfoliation. For my sensitive skin, I will wipe the whole face with a washcloth covered with refreshing make-up water to clean or exfoliate the skin for the second time. The action is gentle, so that the skin will not be pulled.
Usage 5: nail polish unloading is the choice for nail polish unloading because it will not deform and wire drawing.
Usage 6: Wipe the wash free facial mask
If the disposable facial mask is washed directly by hand, it is time-consuming and easy to pull the skin. Using a washcloth can quickly clean the facial mask on your face.
Usage 7: apply lotion
When I apply lotion, I also use a washcloth to gently pat the skin, so that the lotion can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and the skin photographed has a shiny feeling.
Usage 8: Clean sundries. After the above steps, I will use the clean corners of the used facial towel to wipe the countertops of the washstand and dresser, as well as the bottles and jars. It is environmentally friendly, economical and very clean.