How to analyze its ingredient list when choosing wet wipes

Update:11 Jan
In addition to diapers that are used every day, wet wipes are also used by babies basically every day. Especially when you take your baby out, it is easy to carry, you can wipe your ass after shitting and peeing, you can wipe your baby's hands when they are dirty, and you can wipe them wherever they are dirty, and you can throw them away after use, which saves you the trouble of cleaning.

What I will discuss with you today is how to analyze its ingredient list when choosing wet wipes:

1. Plant extracts:

Shea Butter Essence: Contains rich non-saponifiable ingredients, easy to absorb, prevents dryness and cracking, maintains the natural elasticity of the skin, and deeply moisturizes.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract: It has the functions of reducing dampness, relieving itching, clearing away heat and reducing swelling. Can be used for dermatitis, eczema exudate.

Tremella extract: Tremella polysaccharide has excellent moisturizing and water-locking ability.

Honeysuckle Extract: The main active ingredients are chlorogenic acid and Luteolin, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Natural oatmeal extract: It can be used as a release carrier for active ingredients, giving the skin a silky moist and smooth touch and improving skin transdermal absorption.

2. The difference between pure water, RO pure water and EDI pure water

Pure water: It does not contain any additives, is colorless and transparent, and can be drunk directly. In the test, it is produced by distillation and other methods, so it is also called distilled water.

RO pure water: pure water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology;

EDI pure water: pure water produced by EDI technology;

3. Chemical composition:

Coco Glucoside: Excellent decontamination, foaming, foam stabilizing, emulsifying, dispersing, solubilizing, wetting and penetrating abilities. Very low irritation to skin and eyes.

Propylene Glycol: Helps dissolve dirt, prevents the skin from drying out too quickly, helps active ingredients penetrate, and also helps to preserve antiseptic properties. It is irritating to the skin and eyes. Dermatologists recommend that infants and other people with sensitive skin use it as little as possible.

Phenoxyethanol: It has antibacterial effect and usually functions as a preservative in cosmetics, vaccines and medicines.

Amino Acid Glyceride: It is an ester formed by the dehydration condensation of amino acid and glycerin, which plays a moisturizing role.

Jojoba Esters: Humectants that keep the skin hydrated.

Germicide: It has the function of cleaning and sterilizing. It is widely used in the disinfection of skin and surgical instruments during medical operations.