Precautions for use of components of sanitary wipes

Update:16 Jan
Sanitary wipes refer to wipes with non-woven fabrics as the carrier, and the wipes supplier provides sanitary wipes with water as the main raw material, adding more than one or more ingredients such as disinfectant, spices, plant extracts, skin care agents, cleaning agents, etc., which have the function of cleaning objects or skin surface. The wipes supplier believes that the sterilization rate of common bacteria reaches more than 90%.
Main raw materials
High-quality spunlaced non-woven fabric, RO pure water, bactericide, etc
Overview of features
Made of high-quality spunlaced non-woven fabric, pure cotton texture, soft and thick, suitable for all parts of the skin;
The formula of bactericide is scientific and has bactericidal effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and Escherichia coli;
It does not contain alcohol, is pure and mild, and has passed the skin irritation test. It can be used safely even if the baby has soft skin.
Scope of application
Suitable for wiping hands, face, skin and daily appliances; Avoid using on eyes, wounds and other sensitive parts.
matters needing attention
Avoid infant ingestion; Store in a cool place; In case of allergy, please stop; Insoluble in water, please put it in the trash can after use.
How to purchase
Please purchase the wet wipes produced by regular manufacturers with detailed manufacturer information and hygiene license.
national policy
According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, only enterprises with the qualification of disinfection license can mark the word "sanitation" on the package.