Let me introduce the function of baby wipes

Update:28 Jan
The quality and ease of use of baby wipes are mainly reflected in the towel body. Thickness, density, tensile elongation, viscose ratio, pattern, etc. These are the inspection indicators, which together form the good and bad criteria. Thicker and denser ones won't let your baby leak when you wipe his stool; If the tensile strength is good, it will not deform easily. If it is stretched long, it will naturally become thinner.

Those with high viscose ratio are soft, and the baby's small PP is also comfortable to use, with good water absorption and water retention, which is conducive to the absorption of the solution; In addition to being good-looking and upscale, the main function of the pattern is to feel good and not slippery when used. In addition, it is easier to remove dirt after cleaning.

Baby wipes are specially used for babies. Different from ordinary wipes, the material composition is relatively mild. According to the different parts used, they are divided into ordinary baby wipes and hand mouth baby wipes. Because babies are more active and often get dirty, mothers will use it to wipe their hands and wipe their noses. The functions of baby wipes are as follows.

1. Moisturizing and moisturizing: baby skin is often easy to dry, especially in autumn and winter. When cleaning your baby's dirty hands and face, if you use ordinary paper towels or towels, they will not moisturize your baby's skin. However, ordinary baby paper towels with better quality contain moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, which can moisturize your baby's skin.

2. Antibacterial effect of baby wipes: some baby wipes contain antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. For babies who are curious about the world all day, they can certainly reduce the probability of bacterial infection and disease.

3. Small friction of baby wipes: baby skin is tender, the texture of wipes is soft, and the materials used are generally thin cotton or non-woven fabrics, so they are more soft than towels, which can reduce friction damage to baby skin.

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