Explain the seven misuse areas of wet wipes

Update:02 Feb
1、 Big brand=safety: the small editor of the wet towel supplier should pour cold water on Baoma, and stop using big brand to comfort their hearts. Whether it's a big brand or not, the key is "no add"! When purchasing baby wipes, pay attention to the product ingredients on the lower packaging bag, and do not contain unsafe substances such as alcohol, fluorescent agent, bleaching powder, chemical essence and pigment. In addition, the simpler the content of the product composition table, the better.
2、 Just choose the soft material: wet wipes seem soft to the touch, but they are not necessarily made of natural materials, and man-made fibers can also achieve this effect. The wet wipes on the market are made of different materials. Z is suitable for babies' delicate skin: natural cotton non-woven fabric and tree woven fabric.
3、 Wet wipes are used to wipe wet wipes without washing hands: Wiping wet wipes and washing hands are two different levels of cleaning. Baoma should not make excuses for their laziness. In the outdoors, use a wet towel to relieve the emergency. In places where you can easily wash your hands, don't always covet the convenience of wiping your hands with wet wipes. If you don't thoroughly clean your baby's hands with clean water, bacteria can easily return. The wet towel supplier pointed out that the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China has stipulated the "Code for the Management of Label Instructions of Disinfection Products", and the packaging of toilet paper, wet paper towels and other products should not be marked with "disinfection", "sterilization" and other words, but at present, "disinfection" and "sterilization" are still important selling points of these products. Because the selling point of the wet tissue propaganda is "disinfection and sterilization", people will not wash their hands after using the wet tissue, and completely forget that there are still chemical ingredients left in their hands, which is bad for children. Using wet paper towels is not the same as washing hands. The doctor stressed that no matter how many times you wipe your hands with wet paper towels, you can't remove the bacteria on the skin surface. Wash your hands with soap and add flowing water to make Z clean.
4、 The sealing is not glued after use: if the wet towel bag is not sealed properly, it will not have bacteriostatic effect. So treasure mothers should not be careless. They should not only buy products with tight sealing, but also glue the opening in time after use to avoid unnecessary bacterial infection.
5、 Light fragrance, good smell: any scented baby wipes will contain different amounts of chemical essence, which will directly stimulate the baby's skin. It is recommended that baby mothers choose non-fragrant wipes. Zhao contains medical grade EDI pure water ingredients, which are pure, non-fragrant, safe and mild, and create a skin protection barrier for babies.
6、 Wipe eyes and ears with wet wipes: there are many mucous membranes in the eyes and ears, which are sensitive. If you use a wet towel to clean the dirt here, you will not be able to clean it, but will easily aggravate bacterial infection. So treasure moms, it's better to be honest and practical with sanitary cotton swabs (note that it's not cosmetic cotton swabs, the disinfection level is different)!
7、 Wet wipes A wet towel can be used repeatedly: a wet towel can wipe your mouth, hands and toys. Although it sounds like "energy saving and emission reduction", it causes cross-contamination of bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This potential hazard is like a time bomb. If your baby has diarrhea and skin redness one day, you will probably realize the seriousness of the problem.