Tell you some Q&A of baby wipes

Update:08 Feb
I think the skin of adults is very different, and the skin of babies should also be different. So, even if it is recommended by friends, I will treat it very carefully. I will buy many different small packages for my baby to try. After the trial, I felt that there was no harm to the baby's skin, and it did not seem to be rejected, so I decided to buy canned, bagged and other multi-capacity models. Of course, the baby must be screened before trial. It is best for the mother to try it out herself.

Q: Can I see baby wipes every day? Dalian Baby Wipes Company will introduce you:
A: Wet wipes can be used every day, but they should be treated differently according to the place of use, otherwise, baby skin intolerance and red fart may occur. It is no problem to clean your baby's fart with wet wipes, especially after the baby has smelled or changed diapers, use the special wet wipes for fart cleaning. Note that after cleaning, you should wait for the fart to dry before peeing.

Q: What should I do if I have red farts after using wet wipes?
A: If it is found that red PP is caused by the use of wet wipes, first stop the product, use clean water instead, and use some hip cream together, and then re-select baby wet wipes.
Before using wet wipes, it is best to try on the back of your baby's hand to see if there is any allergic reaction. Secondly, don't choose wet wipes that are too dry. They not only have poor cleaning power, but also challenge small PP with delicate skin; Finally, do not use too much force when cleaning.

Q: Can a bag of wet wipes be used by the whole family?
A: Better not.
If there are children under the age of three in the family, it is necessary to reserve some baby wipes, because the baby's skin is very delicate, and baby wipes can be divided into mouth and hand wipes and fart wipes, and the two cannot be mixed.
If children are more than three years old, they should choose sanitary wipes, because children at this age always like to play around. In this process, they will not only dirty their hands, but also get some germs, which will endanger the health of children. Ordinary wipes with only cleaning functions can no longer meet the needs of sterilization for children's hands and faces.