How to use wet tissue

Update:14 Feb
In fact, the paper towel itself is effective. The key is to use it correctly. According to statistics, today's Americans will spend about US $1 billion every year to buy antibacterial products such as wet paper towels and disinfectants. In China, more and more people use wet paper towels. However, there are many misunderstandings in the way of use.
1. Washing hands is not an alternative. Dalian wet towel manufacturer will introduce you:
Many wet paper towels promote "disinfection and sterilization". People will not wash their hands after using wet paper towels. The doctor stressed that no matter how many times you wipe your hands with wet paper towels, you can't remove the bacteria on the skin surface. Wash your hands with soap and add flowing water to make Z clean.
2. Don't wipe your eyes directly
It is particularly important to remind that you should use less wet paper towels to wipe your face, especially not directly wipe your eyes, middle ear and mucous membrane. If you have symptoms such as skin redness and itching after use, you should immediately stop using.
3. Not reusable
Reuse of wet tissue will not remove bacteria, but will transfer some living bacteria to the uncontaminated surface.
A few more tips:
1. Wrap a layer of wet tissue around the beverage bottle, and the freezing time will be more than doubled. Someone made a special test and refrigerated two bottles of the same beverage into the refrigerator. One bottle was wrapped in wet tissue, and the other bottle was not treated. After a period of time, the drinks with wet tissue are significantly more frozen than those without wet tissue.
2. The wet paper towel can also be used to wipe the desks and chairs after wiping the hands. Reuse is economical. After using wet paper towels to wipe your hands, you can fold two wet paper towels together to clean tables, chairs or leather shoes, and clean toys and furniture in your home, which is also a resource-saving method.
3. Spray some soda water on the wet paper towel, and it can be used to wipe the place polluted by oil smoke in the home. For example, if you use a wet paper towel with soda water to wipe these iron furniture, it is easy to make these furniture look new.
4. Wet paper towels and alcohol can be used to wipe the mobile phone screen and clean the air vent. Alcohol has the effect of sterilization, so dropping a drop of alcohol on a wet paper towel to wipe the mobile phone screen can make the mobile phone screen cleaner and more comfortable to use.