Microfiber Floor Mop Cloth

Update:23 May
Large microfiber wet mop pads are ideal for basketball courts and gymnasiums. Use with your favorite cleaning solution to clean floors and leave them sparkling and streak free.
These microfiber pads are a good choice for people that don't like sponge and cotton mop heads that require a bucket of water for rinsing and wringing. They wash up quite well too.
Product Description
Mopping is an unavoidable chore that can be tedious and frustrating if done manually with a traditional cotton swab. Microfiber mops can speed up the process dramatically by picking up and soaking more cleaning solution than regular cotton pads.
The Floor Mop Cloth has a cool liquid trigger to release the cleaning solution, which is easy and precise. The bucket for water arrangement is also convenient and allows hands-free wringing for maximum efficiency. The adjustable mop length makes it perfect for reaching tight spots under furniture or into corners. In addition, it can be used with a variety of cleaning solutions. During our tests, it was one of the best mops for scrubbing stubborn soap residue off bathroom tile and quickly absorbing dirty cleaning fluid.
The mop uses a combination of a liquid cleaner and a textured scrubbing head to both dislodge and absorb dirt, grime and residue that sweeping or vacuuming alone can't remove. Some models have a bucket, sprayer or steamer built in to increase the cleaning power.
Most of the mops are lightweight, making them easy to transport and maneuver while mopping. Look for ergonomic features like a handle that fits comfortably in your hand and a trigger to help ease pressure on back muscles when wringing the mop.
Most mops are designed for use on most types of hard floor surfaces, though some may work better than others on certain kinds of flooring. Check the mop's labeling for specifics on the surfaces it's designed to clean and which cleaning solutions are recommended or prohibited. The microfiber pad is machine washable for quick and easy cleaning between uses. Unlike cotton, it won't smear or leave behind sticky residue.
There's a lot to consider when selecting the best mop for your facilities. It's essential to select one that is comfortable and maneuverable so that staff members can perform cleaning duties more quickly and accurately. A lightweight design is also helpful because it will be easier to transport throughout the facility and around difficult-to-reach areas.
Look for a mop with a bucket system that eliminates the need to dip it back into a dirty solution bucket during the cleaning process. This will significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination and help to avoid the spread of germs across your entire facility.
In terms of the mop head, look for a microfiber design that is more effective than cotton at removing stubborn dirt build-up. A lower ply count will also provide better absorbency than a higher ply yarn. Additionally, a triangular head will be better at getting into corners and under furniture legs than a circular design.
When it comes to choosing a mop for your facility, you can’t go wrong with microfiber. This type of mop uses synthetic, manmade fibers that are knitted together to create a super-soft cleaning surface. The tiny fibers are able to access small grooves and crevices during use that larger cotton mop materials can’t. These microscopic fibers also hold onto bacteria, viruses and particles better than cotton, helping you maintain a cleaner environment.
Microfiber mops work well as both dry and wet mops. They’re great for removing loose debris with a dust mop before damp mopping and also for disinfecting hard floors.
Unlike sponge and cloth mops, a microfiber mop doesn’t require you to soak it in a bucket of water before rinsing it. This saves on time, water and effort. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the dreaded dirty water residue that can leave behind a hazy floor. This type of mop is also machine-washable for added convenience and durability.