What are the advantages of bowling gloves

Update:01 Jul
Everyone must have washed the dishes. In winter, washing dishes becomes a distressing thing. The cold dishwashing water can always freeze your hands without feeling. Fortunately, many families now have hot water pipes installed in the kitchen, so they are not disturbed by ice water. But there are also many families who have not installed it, so how do you wash the dishes in winter?
1. Silicone bowl brushing gloves prevent slippage. The silicone material has a very large sliding friction with the skin of the body. Under the condition of washing the dishes, the dishes can be sucked on the hands severely, and there is no need to worry about the dishes falling due to slippage.
2. Easy to foam. Silicone bowl brushing gloves use a whole piece of soft thorn in the palm of the hand. Compared with sponge, the touch area is much larger. Compared with towels, the same detergent agent causes a higher amount of foam. It saves time and effort to get up. This silicone dishwashing glove uses very little detergent to obtain a lot of plastic foam, which has a stronger elimination force, so that dishwashing saves cost and effort.
3. Thermal insulation and thermal insulation. Silicone bowl brushing gloves can not only be used to wash bowls, but also can take meals from microwave ovens, and birthday cakes in electric ovens, eliminating the need to be good at or feel hot and distressed when the towel is on.
Of course, the role of silicone bowl brushing gloves is more than that. As silicone household cleaning and kitchen supplies, it is also moisture-proof, oil-resistant, heat-insulating, and rubber gloves are multi-functional for bowling and brushing. It can wash fruits, vegetables and fruits, and prevent hands from touching in winter. Cool water, wear-resistant, green ecological environment protection, durable, no damage to hands, time-saving and labor-saving, convenient and fast, indispensable in the home.
The above are the advantages of bowl-washing gloves, everyone understands! If you want to learn more about dishcloths, towels, bathing suits, dishwashing gloves, etc., you can pay more attention to our website!