The home textile industry renewed its upsurge and the online market steadily moved forward

Update:14 May
2020 is an extremely extraordinary year. The home textile industry is facing huge challenges!
Dieshiqiao, as an important home textile industry base in China, attracts home textile industry fans from over the country. They make a living, develop, and invest here, and sell Chinese textiles to over the country!
However, with the rise of the e-commerce industry, the offline market has already become cold. Before the epidemic, the offline market can also increase customer retention through customer experience, cordial customer care and comprehensive services, and achieve customer stability and conversion. Nowadays, the continuous pressure brought by the epidemic has caused many offline stores to face the challenges directly. Employment and supply chain issues, inventory pressure, traffic and logistics obstacles, etc., all make the huge market difficult!
Home textile industry
Compared with offline markets, online channels are less affected by the epidemic. After investigation, the online sales of antibacterial, health preservation and health home textile products have grown rapidly, and consumers have begun to pay more attention to the functionality of home textile products in terms of hygiene and health protection. Although, as the epidemic improves, the proportion of online and offline product sales will gradually return to the right track, but it is undeniable that online transactions have become a major social trend!
Under the epidemic situation, crises and opportunities coexist! In recent years, with the rapid economic development, the people’s living standards have improved significantly. The post-90s generations have shined in the society, and the post-00s generations have also appeared on the stage of consumption, which means that the consumer group is becoming younger and more fashionable. With the change, people’s consumer demand has also risen sharply, and home textile products are changing from durable goods to fast-moving consumer goods. This change has directly led to the acceleration of the upgrading of home textile products, and high cost performance has also become a major demand point for consumers when purchasing products.
Home textile market
The Home Textile Guide, as a professional B2B e-commerce platform for the home textile industry, has established a direct communication and cooperation bridge for source manufacturers and terminal retail stores. During the epidemic, the Home Textile Guide continuously communicated with upstream manufacturers, comprehensively updated product information in the home textile industry, supported sample comparisons for one-by-one purchases, and encouraged manufacturers and stores to conduct product wholesale through zero-distance docking. In addition, the WeChat group chat channel has been opened, and online interaction, online training and comprehensive services have been realized by analyzing market demand and understanding the industry trend to meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers. The website, APP, and WeChat applet have been upgraded simultaneously, greatly improving the operational efficiency for the home textile industry and the home textile industry.
Nowadays, various industries have gradually resumed R&D, production and sales. The home textile industry is about to usher in a rebound. Taking this opportunity, the Home Textile Guide will work together with various upstream manufacturers to take the initiative of 100,000 home textile terminal stores as the guide. , APP, WeChat applet as carriers, to help stores and source manufacturers to achieve friendly collaboration. During this period, the Home Textiles Guide has undergone in-depth reforms, improved the management system, improved teamwork capabilities, close tripartite cooperation, optimized and adjusted the promotion plan, in order to build its own core competitiveness!