Xinjiang: Cottonseed quotations rise, high-quality short staple sales are good

Update:14 May
As of May 14, Xinjiang cottonseed quotations were 1.11-1.135 yuan/kg (oil content of 13%), an increase of 0.01-0.015 yuan/kg compared to last week; Xinjiang third-grade cotton oil quotations were 5200-5300 yuan/ton, down from last week 50 yuan/ton; Xinjiang cotton meal 46% protein price is 2580-2600 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton from last week; Xinjiang general cotton linters are quoted at 3400 yuan/ton, the same as last week’s price; Xinjiang cotton husk is quoted at 880 yuan/ton RMB/ton, basically the same as last week.
Cottonseed quotations have increased from last week, but not much. In addition to the rise in cottonseed prices, cotton oil and cotton meal both fell by 50 yuan/ton from last week, and the prices of short staple and cotton hull remained the same as last week. Analyze the reasons. First, the highway tolls have been restored since May 6, and it takes a long time for the new cottonseed to go on the market. The supply of cottonseed is gradually decreasing, and cottonseed traders and some manufacturers have raised prices. However, because more of the linter processing plants have basically finished processing and stopped purchasing cottonseeds, coupled with the poor profitability of downstream cotton oil crushing, to a certain extent, the price increase of cottonseed is restricted, so the price increase of cottonseed is limited.
Xinjiang Cotton
Cotton oil prices fell slightly. The rise in cottonseed prices has increased the cost of cotton oil processing, and the downstream cotton meal market is weak, dragging down the cotton oil market, and cotton oil crushing profits. However, because of the low amount of cotton oil and the high price, which effectively supported the cotton oil market, the cotton oil fell not much, with a decrease of 50 yuan tons from last week.
Cotton meal prices fell slightly. Due to the restoration of tolls on expressways and the concentration of rapeseed meal on the market, Xinjiang cotton meal is subject to certain restrictions, resulting in a drop in cotton meal prices. However, due to the persistently high prices of cottonseed, cottonseed meal resources have gradually decreased, restraining the decline of cottonseed meal. As of May 14, Xinjiang cottonseed meal has fallen by 50 yuan/ton from last week.
The price of cotton linters remained stable. As more of the short-staple processing plants in Xinjiang have finished processing, the output of cotton linters has gradually decreased. Although the downstream purchases of short linters are not strong, some chemical fiber plants and refined cotton plants have not yet started, but a small number of intermediary purchases stabilize the cotton short Cashmere price. As of May 14th, the price of cotton linters is between 3400-3500 yuan/ton. It is understood that the purchase and sale of high-quality high-quality short velvet is good, and the transaction price is basically the same as the price before Labor Day. The lower quality linters are not up to standard due to impurities and fibers. Although the price is lower, the sales are still poor.