What are the common sense of the use of face towel

Update:19 Feb
1. Should the face towel be used dry or wet?

The face towel is used when washing our face, which can ensure that we do not need a towel when washing our face, which is more clean and hygienic, and the water-absorbing ability of the face towel is very good. After washing the face, use the face towel to absorb excess water on the face. The face towel can be used dry or wet. The dry face towel is used to help us remove the moisture from the skin. The water absorption effect of the face towel is better than that of ordinary towels, and it is more clean and hygienic. The wet face towel can be used to clean the skin, soothe and clean the pores, and you can choose to use it according to your usual use. A face towel can also be wiped dry or wiped wet, but it has different effects.

2. Do you need to change the face towel once a day?

Because the face towel is a disposable product, don't continue to use it on the face after use, just throw it away, and feel that the waste can be used to wipe the table or floor. It's okay to do some simple cleaning with a face towel, it's convenient and hygienic to use, and you can just throw it away after use. The towel will easily breed bacteria after use, which is very bad for the skin, and it is unsanitary to use it repeatedly. The face towel is a good solution to this problem. It is safer and more secure to use. Floor.

3. How to use face towel and facial cleanser?

When using the face towel and facial cleanser together, you can wet your hands and face first, squeeze the facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, rub the bubbles, hit the bubbles on the face, rub the face, and then rinse off the bubbles with water. Wet the face towel again and wipe off excess bubbles on the face, which is cleaner than hand washing. You can also use a clean face towel to wipe off the water droplets on the face, wipe the facial moisture, and keep it clean. It can be used dry or wet. You can also use a face towel to wipe your face. The texture of the face towel and cotton pads want to die, and it is very effective for secondary cleaning of the skin. When wiping, the movements should be light.