What are the usages of disposable cleansing wipes

Update:16 Feb
The n usages of disposable cleansing towel (face towel):

1. Wipe your face

This is definitely the primary use of disposable facial cleansers. Ordinary towels will inevitably store bacteria even if they are cleaned frequently (otherwise, I would not recommend that you change new towels in a few months). In addition, you don’t like to wipe your face with wet things. Therefore, it is very suitable to replace traditional towels with disposable cleansing towels, one at a time to be clean and hygienic.

2. Makeup remover

In fact, like everyone else, special makeup remover pads are used to remove makeup, but most of the makeup remover pads are small pieces, which is fine for light makeup, but it is troublesome to use several pieces if the makeup is heavy. So you can use a face towel when removing heavy makeup (provided that you use a makeup remover instead of a solid substance such as a makeup remover). First, use the two corners of the disposable facial cleanser to pour the eye and lip makeup remover on the eye makeup, then use one corner to remove the lip makeup, then unfold it, pour the makeup remover on the face and cover it with the palm of your hand for about a few seconds. , Use the hand temperature to make the makeup remover fully dissolve the makeup, and then slowly wipe it off. Then fold the cleansers into a stack, and wipe the face with a blank area for a second cleaning (be careful not to use too much force). In this way, the seemingly complicated makeup removal process can be done with a cleansing towel, which saves time and cotton pads.

3. Travel

Many cleansers now have travel packs. After all, most hotel towels are not disposable. In the past two years, there have been news that some hotel towels are used to clean toilets, so it is better to use your own. Bringing ordinary towels takes up a lot of space and troubles. The popular compressed towels in the past few years have to be soaked when they want to be used, and they are too thin to unfold. So in any case travel-sized disposable cleansing wipes are a very good choice.