Why washing your face with a cleansing towel Is better than a towel

Update:11 Feb
"Don't wipe your face with a towel after washing your face, the towel is very dirty." This sentence is not alarmist. According to authoritative data reports: the number of bacteria in a towel used for 3 months is about 1 million = bacteria exceeding the standard 125 times = 10 cups of rag water . Unless you boil a towel to sanitize every day, when you wipe your face with a towel, imagine that you are washing your face with 10 cups of rag water, and I believe you will discard the towel immediately. Since the towel is so unsanitary, after washing the face and drying it naturally, there is no problem, right?

Not really. After washing our face, we need to wipe off the moisture on our face immediately, and then skin care in time. If we let it dry naturally, it will make dry skin drier and oily skin more oily. Because the moisture on the face is evaporated, some moisture on the surface of the skin is also taken away, so the face becomes tight, dry and oily.

So what should I use to dry my face after washing my face? Cleansing wipes, find out.

The role of the cleanser:

1. Wet and dry use, antibacterial and mite removal

Compared with paper towels, wet wipes, and cotton pads on the market, facial cleansers can be used for both wet and dry purposes. Its texture is light and soft, especially when it gets wet, it becomes very soft, even if it is soaked in water, it will not be torn with a little force. Use it to replace the towel, which is soft and comfortable when wiping the face, and also avoids the bacterial infection caused by the towel. It also solves the trouble of crumbs from paper towels, refreshing and refreshing your skin.

2. Quickly absorb water without flocculation. The manufacturing process of the cleansing towel and its refinement make the fibers of the cleansing towel remain soft without losing toughness. While being delicate, it can quickly absorb water without flocculation.

How to choose a facial cleanser?

1. Material selection

In the purchase of cleansing towels, we should choose some with better quality. If the material is too poor, it contains too much powder, which will also cause damage to our skin. The non-woven fabric of pure cotton fiber is actually widely used in cleansing towels. It uses pure natural cotton as raw material, and pure cotton fiber is made into a thin layer of fiber sheets with the same direction through the spunlace process, and then pressed into a non-woven fabric. spinning. Using pure cotton as raw material will not irritate our skin, and the processed face towel is very absorbent and breathable. Compared with the cotton material, the toughness of non-woven fabrics is stronger.

2. Selection of textures

At present, facial cleansing towels on the market are basically divided into four types: plain weave, reticulated pattern, pearl pattern, and EF pattern. Don't look at the face towel is just a piece of paper, but not all textures are suitable for you. The plain weave is smooth and light, with a delicate and soft texture, suitable for sensitive skin and baby skin; reticulated pattern increases friction, strong cleaning ability, anti-pulling, suitable for makeup removal; pearl pattern 3D design, thicker, strong water absorption, double cleaning power; thick EF pattern Highly absorbent and recyclable.

3, the choice of size

The size of the facial towel directly determines its practicability, because the facial towel is a disposable product, and the size of the facial towel will inevitably cause waste, and if it is too small, it will easily slip off when cleaning the face, affecting the experience. Generally speaking, the normal size of the cleansing towel should be around 20*20cm. This size is just right in the hand. It is easy to use whether it is used flat or folded, and it can also be used as a rag after use.