What is the correct way to use a face towel

Update:25 Jan
Washing your face with a towel is more likely to breed mites, so washing your face with a towel is not only unclean, but also likely to cause the skin to be rough and not smooth enough. So use a face towel instead of a towel. The texture of the face towel is soft and tough, and it is not easy to tear when exposed to water. So how to use the face towel, is there any correct way to use it?

Disposable face towel is made of cotton material, which has the characteristics of water absorption without flocculation, strong water release, strong flexibility and good elasticity. It has the incomparable advantages of towels. The bathroom is damp and dark, and the towel has a long usage cycle, which is easy to breed bacteria, and mites cause skin allergies and acne. High temperature sterilization process, no chemical addition, safe and hygienic.

The face towel does not feel uncomfortable on the skin at all, especially for acne-prone skin, it is very gentle to touch, and it will not irritate the skin. Compared with towels that can breed bacteria, disposable face towels are a good choice, especially for skin that loves acne and blackheads, which can ensure that the skin is not damaged by the second time.

How to use the face towel:

1. Wash your face: Instead of a towel, wipe the entire face with wet water.

2. Wipe your face: Wipe your face dry after cleansing.

3. Makeup remover: cut to size, can be used as a cotton pad.

Do not throw away directly after use, it can be recycled, washed and used to wipe the dresser, refrigerator, shoes and bags, etc.

The face towel can not only wash the face, but also can be used to remove makeup, make wet wipes, make mask paper, and can also be used as a rag to clean the desktop after use.

Correct use of face towel: After washing your face with facial cleanser, take a face towel and wet it, gently make circular motions on the face to clean the foam on the face, then squeeze the moisture of the face towel dry, press The remaining moisture on the face can be used.