These four points must be done to treat dishcloths correctly

Update:12 Aug
If you use a dish cloth for a long time, a lot of microorganisms will accumulate on it. I believe everyone should know that, and a lot of oil stains in life will accumulate. Therefore, if we want to treat dish cloths correctly, we must remember four aspects. , I have also done some sorting of related knowledge points for everyone, you can take a look and understand.
These four points must be done to treat dishcloths correctly
The four key points for the proper use of dish cloths are "dry, clean, change, and divide".
"Dry": That is, after each use of the dish cloth, it should be wringed out in time, unfolded as much as possible, and hung in a ventilated place.
"Clean": Wash the dish cloth after washing the dishes and disinfect regularly. After soaking it, heat it in a microwave oven for 3 minutes, or dilute it with a disinfectant and soak it, or boil it in water for 10 minutes.
"Change": If the dish cloth is dirty or not clean, it should be replaced in time.
"Sub": The dish cloth must be dedicated exclusively. Use the rags for washing dishes, washing pots, wiping the cooker hood, and cleaning the table top separately.
Do not choose chemical fiber texture or steel ball for dish cloth, because if chemical fiber and steel ball debris stick to the tableware, they will enter the human gastrointestinal tract together with the food, which will stimulate or induce gastrointestinal diseases.