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Dish cloth manufacturers teach you a few tricks for cleaning pots and pans

Update:26 Sep
Many families must use dishwashing. After all, eating is our major business, but many customers always find this kind of small problems, such as the cleaning skills of pots and pans. In fact, As a dishcloth manufacturer, here are a few tips for you.
1. Chopsticks should be placed upside down
The "home" of chopsticks also needs ventilation and drying. It is better to choose a breathable chopstick cage made of stainless steel, nailed to the wall or placed in a ventilated place, so that the water can be drained quickly.
When putting it, keep your head up, because even if the chopstick cage can leak, the accumulated water and dust will still breed bacteria. At the same time, the chopstick cage should also be cleaned frequently.
2. Hang up the spatula and spoon
Cooking utensils such as spatulas, soup spoons, and colander are the batons in the kitchen symphony. Stacking them together in a drawer or pot is not conducive to keeping dry and clean. You can hang them separately with special shelves or hooks.
3. Put pots and pans upright
Put the dishes commonly used at home upright or upside down on the dish rack, or put the water in the disinfection cabinet after controlling the water. Other dishes that are not used all year round can be stored in the cupboard.