How dirty is the dishcloth in the house

Update:16 Dec
If we usually cook our own rice, we will use a dishcloth to clean the rice bowl! But if this kind of thing is used for a long time, it will easily accumulate all kinds of dust, and in general it will become It's very dirty, maybe many people don't think it, then take a look at the following article, you will understand!

The dishcloth must be in close contact with the tableware every day, and meat scraps, vegetable residues, and oil will be more or less left on the dishcloth.

20% of dishcloths contain bacteria that can cause diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella, which makes tableware "cross-infected" due to contact with the dishcloth during the washing process.

Although many people will clean the dish cloth after washing the dishes, but after a few hours or ten hours of placement, the dish cloth will breed a lot of bacteria. This is because a humid environment can easily allow floating dust and bacteria in the air to fall on the dishcloth and breed new bacteria. The stains on the dishcloth itself are also a source of bacteria.

For dish cloths washed with soap or detergent, 20% of the bacteria will still remain, and after 6 hours of storage, the number of bacteria will double. There are as many as 362 types of bacteria on the dishcloths used in the kitchen, half of which can cause disease. Even after cleaning and disinfection, it is difficult to eradicate bacteria.