How to distinguish the quality of fabric sofa fabrics

Update:31 Dec
Generally speaking, thin fabrics with printed patterns are cheap because of their simple craftsmanship. Patterns and other patterns are woven, which are thicker and higher-end.

When purchasing, carefully observe the pattern of the fabric. The pattern woven by different warp and weft threads has a three-dimensional effect, not as smooth as a printed fabric. Furthermore, the fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are of higher grade than ordinary rayon fabrics.

The fabric of the sofa is quite different depending on the leather.

Modern industry can already cut thick cowhide in multiple layers, so there are one layer of leather, two layers of leather or even multiple layers of leather.

One layer of leather is the outermost layer. This layer of leather has good toughness and elasticity. After being made into a sofa, it is not easy to break after repeated sitting and pressing. It is a high-grade fabric. You can see the first layer of leather with a special magnifying glass. The pores of the second layer of leather are the leftover leather of the first layer of leather. The surface tension and toughness of the second layer of leather are not as good as that of the first layer of leather. Long-term use of the surface paint film sofa fabric will often affect the overall effect and price of the sofa. Therefore, it needs to be carefully selected, and of course the inner filling cannot be ignored.

Easy to crack

The method of distinguishing the two-layer skin:

(1) Through a magnifying glass, you can see the clear pores of the scalp skin;

(2) Pinch up the leather with your hands, the top layer of leather is mostly soft and elastic.

In addition, whether it is made of large pieces of leather or spliced ​​by small pieces of leather is also an aspect that affects the grade.