What are the ways to use face towels

Update:06 Jan
1. The face towel can replace the towel to wash your face. After fully cleaning the face with the facial cleanser, take a facial cleanser and damp it, and gently make a circular motion on the face until the foam on the face is cleaned. Then squeeze the moisture from the washcloth and press the remaining moisture on the face.

2. The face towel can remove makeup. Because the face towel has better tenacity, it can take away the makeup on the face more easily than a cotton pad, and it is not easy to deform. It can be wiped repeatedly until the makeup is removed.

3. The face towel can be applied wet. The texture of the face towel is soft, skin-friendly, and very gentle on the skin. And its toughness is also very good, it will not be deformed even with a slight pull. The important thing is that the facial towel has a good water absorption effect. It is better for wet compress than a small piece of cotton, and it is more convenient to use than a compressed mask.

4. The face towel can exfoliate. Take a soft cleansing towel moistened with lotion to wipe the entire face, and perform a second cleansing or exfoliation of the skin. The movement is gentle, so that it does not pull the skin.

5. The face towel can remove nail polish. Because it will not deform and brush, it is the best choice for removing nail polish.

6. The face towel can wipe the disposable mask. If you wash the disposable mask directly with your hands, it is time-consuming and easy to pull the skin. Use a wash towel to quickly clean the mask on your face.

7. Lotion can be applied to the face towel. You can also use a washcloth to pat the skin on the lotion, so that the lotion can be quickly absorbed by the skin and the skin will be more shiny.