What are the essential elements for choosing a face towel

Update:12 Jan
Aren't the fairies who love beauty no longer using towels to wipe their faces? Although before the face towel was invented, we all wiped our face with a towel, but it cannot be denied that this is actually very unhygienic, and many facial problems are also caused by wiping the face with a towel. Therefore, as a household necessities like napkins, face towels must be stocked up a little more. But how to choose a face towel is indeed a problem. Let me tell you a few aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing a face towel, and what are the essential elements for choosing a face towel?

First, look at the texture

The texture of most of the face towels on the market today is mostly divided into: plain, reticulated and pearl. From the appearance of the face towel, we can easily tell which of the three kinds of lines these face towels are. Among them, the plain weave face towel is thin among these three, but because there is no texture on the surface, it is more delicate and smooth.

The netted face towel is thicker than the plain weave, not only the thickness is the difference. The reticulated face towel is not as smooth as the plain weave. It increases the friction with the skin surface when wiping the face. In addition to the effect of wiping the face, it can also be used to remove makeup on the face. The pearl pattern is a very thick one among the three. It can not only increase the friction with the skin surface, but also is soft enough and more absorbent. It is also the more expensive of the three textures.

Second, look at the material

The material of the face towel is definitely better than pure cotton. The pure cotton material has strong water absorption, and the upper face feels soft and skin-friendly, and will not cause damage to the skin. And the water absorption of the pure cotton face towel is also better. The higher the cotton composition in the face towel, the better the water absorption. After opening the face towel, take out one first, and stretch the face towel back and forth. It is a good face towel without lint flying out.

Third, it depends on the cost performance

The price of face towel ranges from a few dollars to dozens of dollars. When choosing a face towel, everyone should choose a cost-effective face towel to prevent everyone from entering the pit.

After wiping your face, you don't have to throw it away in a hurry. It can also be used to clean shoes, wipe the table... In short, it can be used in many places and has a wide range of uses. But after all, it is a one-time use face towel, you can't dry it and use it for the second time, so it is no different from using a towel, and it still breeds bacteria.