Why use baby wipes for babies

Update:23 Apr
Baby wipes are specifically designed for babies. Compared to adult wipes, baby wipes have higher requirements because babies have very delicate skin and are prone to allergies. Baby wipes can be divided into ordinary wipes and hand mouth wipes. Ordinary baby wipes are usually used to wipe the baby's little fart, while hand mouth wipes are used to wipe the baby's mouth and hands.
How to distinguish between good and bad wipes
Wet wipes used by babies are generally used to clean and care for their delicate skin and small buttocks. The ingredients of wet wipes are mainly treated pure water, and then some gentle and safe nourishing skin ingredients are added. Wet wipes that are gentle for baby skin should not contain ingredients such as alcohol or soap that can cause allergies to the baby. Some high-quality and carefully designed wet wipes also take into account the characteristics of young Baobao's susceptibility to red buttocks, And adding ingredients that can prevent red buttocks. Good quality wipes will not fuzz after use.
In the hot and stuffy summer season, if a baby does not clean the small PP in a timely manner after defecation, it is easy for the involved stool or urine to stimulate the skin, leading to the phenomenon of red buttocks. Therefore, wipes with strong cleaning power and comfortable texture have become the first choice for new mothers. For example, some wipes use ripple soft weaving technology, which provides better cleanliness than ordinary untreated wipes. In addition, mothers can choose wipes that also contain anti red buttocks ingredients, which can better protect their baby's little farts.
If you don't have the experience of trying baby wipes, you can check the product's reviews on the website or search for word-of-mouth online. Secondly, it depends on the history of the brand. A baby wipes brand with a long history should have guaranteed quality, otherwise the brand wouldn't have existed for so many years without going bankrupt. Secondly, it's time to give it a try, after all, the final result still depends on whether it's suitable for your baby.
The functions and materials of baby wipes:
Baby wipes can be divided into different types based on their functions, including disinfected wipes and hand mouth wipes. They have disinfection and antibacterial functions, and different brands of wipes have different prices and comfort levels for babies. They can be purchased based on actual usage.
The cost and price of wet wipes mainly depend on non-woven fabrics. Baby wipes are generally made of spunlaced non-woven fabric, divided into two types: straight laying and cross laying. The tensile strength of straight laying is poor, and it is thinner and more transparent, which is prone to deformation and fuzzing, causing discomfort for the baby. Cross laid mesh, also known as vertical and horizontal mesh weaving, has tensile strength and basically does not deform, and the fabric is thick and not easy to penetrate.
Substances that cannot be added to baby wipes:
The main function of alcohol in wet tissue is to kill bacteria, but alcohol is volatile and can easily cause water loss on the surface of the skin after wiping, making it feel tight and dry, causing skin discomfort, so it is not suitable for babies.
Spices and alcohol are both considered to be easily irritating ingredients, so aromatic odors should also be chosen according to consumer preferences. However, the added spice ingredients increase the risk of skin allergies, so for baby products, it is best to ensure natural purity.
The purpose of preservatives is to protect products from microbial contamination, extend their shelf life and service life. However, improper use of preservatives can lead to allergic dermatitis. Besides spices, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin allergies and irritation.
Fluorescent agent
Fluorescent agents should also not appear in wet tissues. If the wet wipes contain fluorescent agents, they should be added during the processing of non-woven fabric raw materials, which are also harmful to the baby's skin.
Water that has not been fully sterilized
The main component of baby wipes is water, which must be treated with pure water. Otherwise, bacteria in the water will multiply in large numbers on the wipes, which is detrimental to the baby's skin and health.