Many small magical functions of kitchen towels

Update:26 Aug
Kitchen towels can be used at home, but do you know? In fact, there are still many small magical uses. If you don’t know this well, you can take a look and learn more! After all, it can be used no matter where you are It is very useful!
First, the chef often puts a wet towel next to him when cooking. In case the pan catches fire, he can quickly cover it and the fire will go out immediately.
Second, we use coal gas or liquefied petroleum gas to boil water and cook at home. If we always have a soaked towel around us, in case the gas pipe or the liquefied petroleum gas nozzle leaks and catches fire, we should pounce up with a wet towel. Then quickly close the valve, you can avoid a possible fire.
The third is that, under certain circumstances, a wet towel is worth a gas mask. The secret lies in the smoke removal effect of the towel. Practice has proved that when taking refuge in the smoke of a fire, you can help yourself by covering your mouth and nostrils with a towel and rushing out of the fire scene. Someone has done a test, the more the number of folded layers of the towel, the better the smoke removal effect, the smoke removal rate of folded 8 layers is about 60%. Towels with different humidity have different smoke removal rates. The greater the water content, the greater the smoke removal rate. When the water content reaches 3.3 times that of the towel, the human endurance time is about 1 minute and 20 seconds.
The test also showed that the same folded 8-layer towel, dry towels can filter out 10%-30% of carbon monoxide, and wet towels can filter out 10%-40% of carbon monoxide.
These are all small magical uses about kitchen towels! I hope this article will also be helpful for your later use. If you still need to know more about this, please pay more attention to us!