How to remove the peculiar smell after using the towel for a long time

Update:09 Jul
Whether it is a face towel or a dish cloth, it will not only be dirty but also smelly after a long time. Many people feel that the towel is dirty and smelly and plan to throw it away, but maybe the towel itself can still be used, which is a waste. If there is a way to wash the black hair and smelly towels, it would be great. The editor below will show you how to clean the smelly towels after a long time!
If the towel becomes sticky and has a peculiar smell, we will definitely throw it away and buy a new towel. But this is too wasteful, it is better to use this kind of thing to wash. We can add two tablespoons of edible salt to warm water and soak the towel for ten minutes after dissolving. Then you can scrub and wash it easily. Salt can remove stains and also eliminate bacteria. To clean the towel is perfect, the key is not to harm the skin.
Or just put the towel in the boiling water pot and boil it, it is also very clean and hygienic. This can also play a role in disinfection and sterilization, which can make the towel fluffy and soft. Washing the dirty things on the towel with soap will also come off, which is also very troublesome for us.
White vinegar is a common condiment in the kitchen, and this thing can also be used to wash towels. Just add a bottle of white vinegar with a cap in the basin, then soak the towels in, and then we will scrub after ten minutes. White vinegar can soften the dirt on the towel, and white vinegar can also remove peculiar smell. Put the towel in clean water and wash it a few times, so it is clean, soft, and particularly fluffy.
Taomi water can also be used to clean towels. Taomi water is a natural detergent. It can not only clean towels, but also wipe the floor. Heat the rice water, put the towel in and soak for a few minutes, then we will scrub again and again vigorously. Towels are also easy to clean. Towels washed with rice water have a light fragrance, which is a safe and healthy cleaning method.
The above is the way to remove the odor of the towel after a long time, I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you want to learn more about dishcloths, towels, bathing suits, etc., you can pay more attention to our website! If you need to buy daily necessities, you can contact us directly!