• How to use baby wipes safely

    How to use baby wipes safely?Try it out first. No matter which brand of wipes you buy for your baby, parents should try them out first. If there is any irritation or allergic reaction, they should res

  • What are the commonly used sofa fabrics

    There are many fabrics that can be used to produce sofas. The most familiar ones are cotton and linen, chemical fibers, and flannelette fabrics. Of course, there are also expensive leather sofas. The

  • Baby wipes are specially used for babies

    Baby wipes are specially used for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have higher requirements, because baby's skin is very delicate and easily allergic. Baby wipes are divided into ordinary

  • What are the precautions of hand wipes for babies

    Infant hand and mouth wipes are generally selected from food ingredients, which have certain disinfection and sterilization effects, and can be used to clean the mouth, hands and things that the baby'

  • Introduce the correct opening method of baby wipes

    The correct way to open baby wipes, Xiao Bian tells you:The baby's skin is fragile and needs careful care. Therefore, selecting baby wipes has become a concern of mothers. Especially for novice mother

  • How to use wet tissue

    In fact, the paper towel itself is effective. The key is to use it correctly. According to statistics, today's Americans will spend about US $1 billion every year to buy antibacterial products such as

  • Tell you some Q&A of baby wipes

    I think the skin of adults is very different, and the skin of babies should also be different. So, even if it is recommended by friends, I will treat it very carefully. I will buy many different small

  • Explain the seven misuse areas of wet wipes

    1、 Big brand=safety: the small editor of the wet towel supplier should pour cold water on Baoma, and stop using big brand to comfort their hearts. Whether it's a big brand or not, the key is "no add

  • Let me introduce the function of baby wipes

    The quality and ease of use of baby wipes are mainly reflected in the towel body. Thickness, density, tensile elongation, viscose ratio, pattern, etc. These are the inspection indicators, which togeth

  • Precautions for use of components of sanitary wipes

    Sanitary wipes refer to wipes with non-woven fabrics as the carrier, and the wipes supplier provides sanitary wipes with water as the main raw material, adding more than one or more ingredients such a