• Let me introduce the function of baby wipes

    The quality and ease of use of baby wipes are mainly reflected in the towel body. Thickness, density, tensile elongation, viscose ratio, pattern, etc. These are the inspection indicators, which togeth

  • Precautions for use of components of sanitary wipes

    Sanitary wipes refer to wipes with non-woven fabrics as the carrier, and the wipes supplier provides sanitary wipes with water as the main raw material, adding more than one or more ingredients such a

  • How to analyze its ingredient list when choosing wet wipes

    In addition to diapers that are used every day, wet wipes are also used by babies basically every day. Especially when you take your baby out, it is easy to carry, you can wipe your ass after shitting

  • Application of multi-purpose wipes

    Multi-purpose wipes are moistened disposable cloths that are used for cleaning surfaces or objects. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including countertops, tables, keyboards, and hands. They

  • nalysis on the Use of Disposable Facial Cleaners and Towels

    1、 What's the difference between a washcloth and a towelThe difference between a washcloth and a towel is that the washcloth is disposable, clean and reliable, good for the skin, and the towel is pe

  • What is the use of cleansing towel

    The following is a brief introduction of the skin cleaning facial towel, which is used to wipe your face, remove makeup, wet apply, exfoliate, and apply lotion. The beauty face towel has good toughnes

  • What can washcloth do besides washing face

    Remove makeupMy friends should know that in our ordinary life, in fact, the washcloth can replace the makeup remover. Moreover, because the tenacity of the washcloth is better, it can easily take away

  • How to identify the quality problem of the flexible facial towel

    In recent years, flexible facial towels have become popular. Usually, you wash your baby's face with a soft cotton towel, or change the wet towel to clean his body. But many people roast that the soft

  • What can face towels do besides washing your face

    1. Makeup remover Friends should know that in our daily life, face towels can actually replace makeup remover cotton. Moreover, because the face towel has better toughness, it can more easily take aw

  • What is the use of the cleansing towel

    Many people complain that their skin often breaks out. They think that they clean their skin very clean and up to standard. Why do they still have acne? The skin is not good. It is not necessarily tha